Society and You

Society and You       English Hi audience! How are you ? Here Today’s post, reflection, society and you. I hope you like  ”Society and You” and wait you here vacarmenoir, don’t forget to subscribe 😉 Français Salut public! Comment ça va? Ici le post d’aujourd’hui, réflexion, societé et toi. J’espère vous aimez  ”Society … More Society and You



ISLAND   English Hi audience! How are you! I’ve been enjoying the summer so I couldn’t post something, but i’m here ,writing , thinking about all the good and bad things and meeting people who make  your free time better. Here is Today’s post “Island”, I hope you like it and if you want more and … More ISLAND

Black Wheat

Black Wheat English Hi audience! How are you! I’m already on vacation, ready for writing more and share with you some summer own things and my free time. Today I wanted to take advantage of a recent session, I’m not a model or have the characteristics to be a model but often there are people looking … More Black Wheat

Mala racha

Mala racha     English Hi audience! I’m here, so sorry for not writing before,the final exams took me too much time. I’ve missed so much post about something, so here is Today’s post, which talks you about how to make  efforts  whithout seeing results and how, little by little ,we start to see them. I … More Mala racha


    Inhala English Hi audience! How are you? Today I decided to post something to honor sensitive people or those people who see the reality differently. I hope you like Today’s post ” Inhala”  and you take your favourite relaxing song but with pace set jajaj. If you want more you know I wait … More Inhala


REANIMATION English Hi audience! How are you? Some time ago I said, I’m gonna post more, I  have some free time, but one more time for you,.. no, I haven’t :(. But, I couldn’t stand more time whithout showing you a post :). So, here is “Reanimation“, in which I talk to you about some … More Reanimation


ARTIST English Hi audience! How are you? I’m happy to contac you, and I’m so grateful for your likes and your comments ♥ . Sometimes, bad weather brings me some inspiration to create a post. You know I prefer good weather but it’s winter here…so, before the “Carnival ” , “Artist” wanted to come to … More Artist

Stay Calm

STAY CALM English Hi audience! How are you? Photography moves my visual feelings and with some videos I’m going wild hahah. Why I tell you this? Maybe I want to communicate with you my passions, improve the quality of my videos with you,  new material, new songs, etc. If you have tips, advices to give me, … More Stay Calm


Yourself English Hi audience! Carnival is so so close and a post about it is waiting for being created 😉 I go step by step in a new world, YouTube, but I hope I can show you new creations. Sometimes I prefer post about themes less materialistic, so Today’s post talks you about “Yourself“. I’ts … More Yourself


Breathing English Hi audience! How are you? I miss so much the good wheather, summer and hollidays, but this time has good things too…Carnival is very close 😉 After posting about some trends, I decided to create a special post, something new in this blog. I hope you like “Breathing” and if you want more here I wait … More Breathing